Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel, better known by his stage name Mayorkun, a popular musician in Nigeria, has explained why he waited so long to uncover his mother’s identity.

In a conversation with Taymesan on Saturday, Mayorkun revealed his intentions, explaining that he didn’t want to be singled out for special treatment.

During an interview that went viral online, the singer revealed that he kept his mother’s fame a secret from his college classmates. His mother is the actress Toyin Adewale.

My brother and I resented the fact that our mother was a famous actress when we were young. We yearned for independence, but we also resented the phony attention that came along with her celebrity.

Not because you like me, but because I am the son of Toyin Adewale, I despise being singled out and treated differently.

For four years, no one even suspected she was my mother at the university where I studied. This was a goal of mine.

A girl spotted my mom bringing me lunch once at school. I hurriedly ran to her to acquire what she came with just so no one else noticed her.”

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