A ring battle between the controversial artist Portable and popular Nollywood actor Charles Okocha has been called off.

According to MISMOB, Portable won a celebrity boxing bout on Wednesday against the actor in an effort to resolve their financial issue.

In his reaction to Portable’s win, Okocha claimed that the match had been rigged by the referee and the organizers.

The actor took to social media to air his complaints, claiming that Portable should have been disqualified for taking off his gloves during the third round of the fight.

“With four rounds to go, how can you quit in the third?” he said. In the third round, when the battle is still going, how may one remove their gloves, resulting in a complete disqualification?

An inept referee who is clueless about boxing rules manipulated the match, as you all know. However, we proceed. A rematch is on the horizon.

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