On the remix of his song “Talibans,” Kittitian dancehall artist Byron Messia thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Burna Boy, a Grammy-winning Nigerian vocalist.

Messia complimented Burna Boy’s “insane” talent while discussing the song’s production in the most recent episode of the Bootleg Kev podcast.

He went on to say that Burna Boy does not use a studio for songwriting and that he instead relies on freestyle for his verses.

Burna Boy recorded his verse for ‘Talibans II’ while I was here, he claimed. I had a great time during the session. That remix was by Burna Boy. This man is incredibly gifted, talented, brilliant, brilliantly brilliant, and absolutely bonkers for the way he wrote the verse.

He didn’t even compose his own poetry. He skipped out on the hour-long stand in the studio boot. What a wild time!

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