Nigerian Anglican Primate Most Rev. Henry Ndukuba has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to do something about the rising poverty and food insecurity in the country.

Notable church leaders including Primate Ndukuba, Dean Most Rev. Blessing Enyindah, and General Secretary Ven. Gershinen Paul Dajur issued a communique in which the primate stressed the dire situation of the nation and urged people to repent and stand firm against apostasy.

Following the church’s leadership conference in Delta State, the government released a communique that addressed corruption, judicial problems, the economy’s downturn, and the lack of investment in excellent education.

In addition, it denounced the continuing assaults in multiple states and called on the government and security services to fulfill their responsibility to safeguard residents and their property.

A democratic and civic constitution that adequately represents the people and guarantees that no group is marginalized or oppressed was reiterated in the declaration.

In light of the grave challenges confronting the country, the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) standing committee meeting urged the president and administration to step up.

No public official should be allowed to remain in office if they are corrupt, and those who help them should face consequences. To ensure justice in the nation, we urge the judiciary to take further action.

Because of its many complex and difficult problems, Nigeria’s economy has come under intense scrutiny.

With macroeconomic indices trending in a depressing direction, it is presently at its lowest point since independence. High food costs are a direct outcome of the unpredictability, lack of effectiveness, and non-supportiveness of monetary policy toward economic growth and cost-push inflation. Food is scarce for Nigerians.

It urged policymakers to reconsider their reliance on foreign borrowing, pay closer attention to budgetary matters, and broaden the country’s economic base “by harnessing our abundant natural resources.”

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