The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Adamawa/Taraba Area Command has documented fifteen instances of confiscation of various illicit goods, with a total duty paid value of N13, 352,100.

The seizures were the result of operations that began at the beginning of last month and continue to this day.

A used V/Wagon Golf with a large repaired gasoline tank, 20 bags of foreign parboiled rice, 16,675 liters of petrol in 643 25-liter Jerry cans and three 200-liter drums, and other things were confiscated.

Salisu Kazaure Abdullahi, the NCS’s Adamawa/Taraba Area Controller, spoke to reporters about the seizures and noted that, despite the elimination of gasoline subsidies, the smuggling of fuel goods from the country has continued.

The regional Customs controller indicated that this was due to the strong demand for petroleum and pricing in neighboring countries such as Cameroon, Togo, and the Benin Republic.

He stated that the fuel smuggling syndicates are tenacious and well-funded, and that they will stop at nothing to keep their unlawful operation going since it brings in a lot of money.

But he did say that the NCS is always looking at new ways to crack down on smugglers and evaluate its policies.

“The more the smugglers shift their strategies, the more we shift our tactics, and the truth will always win out,” he declared emphatically.

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