Human rights activist and social critic Aisha Yesufu called for a revolution on Monday.

Her remarks come after people in Abuja’s Dei-Dei neighborhood on Monday morning attacked and stole from a food truck.

In case you forgot, over the weekend, looters in Abuja ransacked a warehouse and stole food off a truck.

After assaulting trucks, Yesufu claimed in an X post that the masses will go on to stores and warehouses, and finally, estates and houses.

Following their assault on trucks, they will target stores and warehouses before moving on to homes and estates.

“A new era has begun,” she penned.

Some citizens of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), according to Sunday’s MISMOB story, allegedly robbed a warehouse owned by the National Emergency Management Agency of Nigeria (NEMA) in response to the widespread economic hardship in the country.

Rumor has claimed that locals scavenged food and other supplies.

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