Scholarships from the Government of Canada to Study in Canada 2023-24Scholarships from the Government of Canada to Study in Canada 2023-24 [Completely Funded]

This year’s competition for the Government of Canada Scholarships for Study in Canada 2023/2024 will grant at least 50 scholarships, with the number projected to grow each year. Prospective students are encouraged to apply now for a study spot at their preferred Canadian post-secondary institution, which will subsequently apply for the scholarships on their behalf.

The Study in Canada Scholarships enable students from new qualified countries/territories with short-term exchange opportunities for study or research in Canadian post-secondary institutions at the college, undergraduate, and graduate levels.

The Government of Canada is the scholarship sponsor(s) (DFATD)

Full-Funded Scholarships are the most common type of scholarship.

Host Institution(s): Post-secondary institutions in Canada

Scholarship Amount: CAD

12700 every month for six months

50 awards are given out each year (number might increase)

Undergraduate, Masters, and Doctoral degrees are available.

Non-Canadian Citizenship

Requirements for Qualifying | Government of Canada Scholarships 2023-24
Applicants for the Government of Canada Scholarships 2023-24 must be:

Citizens of one of the following countries/territories are eligible:
Asia: Bangladesh, Nepal, Taiwan; Europe: Turkey, Ukraine;\sMiddle East and North Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia;\sSub-Saharan Africa: Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda; and\senrolled as a full-time student at post-secondary institution in an eligible country/territory and paying tuition fees to that institution at the time of application and for the full duration of the exchange.

The 12700 every month for six months
A post-secondary institution in Canada must:

be a DLI; have a valid student exchange arrangement with the candidate’s home university that waives tuition expenses for scholarship recipients.

Prior to applying for a scholarship on the candidate’s behalf, a letter issued by the Canadian university’s foreign office or equivalent will be acceptable; and tell both the candidate and their home institution of any necessary expenses that, in extreme situations, cannot be waived.

Scholarship Worth and Advantages
The scholarship is worth CAD 10,200 or CAD 12,700, depending on the length of study, and the funds should be used for:

Fees for visas or work permits; flights

Fees for study/work permits; airfare for the scholarship recipient only via the most direct and economical route; health insurance; living expenses such as lodging, utilities, and food; ground transportation, including a public transportation pass; and books and supplies required for the recipient’s study or research, excluding computers and other equipment.
Methods for Making Applications
How-to-Apply: Applicants for the Government of Canada Scholarships 2023-24 should contact qualified Canadian universities, who will then:

submit applications on behalf of qualified individuals; publicize this scholarship opportunity to their teachers and staff, as well as partner universities from qualifying countries/territories;

Depending on the institution’s strategic interests, rank applications
designate a single person to be in charge of application submissions;
establish a Contribution Agreement with DFATD and make payments

Scholarship monies will be awarded to successful candidates, who will also be required to provide qualitative and quantitative reports throughout the scholarship period.
Also see: How to Apply for a Student Visa in Canada.

Postsecondary educational institutions in qualified countries/territories should:

communicate with Canadian partner institutions to confirm or explore institutional collaborations and student exchange agreements; promote this scholarship opportunity through their international offices; identify candidates who meet the eligibility and admission requirements for the Canadian partner institution; provide supporting documents for their candidates to the Canadian partner institution, which is responsible for submitting the scholarship applications; and advertise the scholarship opportunity
The deadline for applications is March 21, 2023.

For further information, please see the official website.

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