Programme at the University of Alicante.Sub-Saharan Africa Women Researchers Programme at the University of Alicante.

The University of Alicante Sub-Saharan Africa Women Researchers Programme is sponsored by the University of Alicante’s Office of the Vice President for International Relations and Development Cooperation, in collaboration with the Valencian Government’s Ministry of Participation, Transparency, Cooperation, and Democratic Quality. The awards are intended for female predoctoral or postdoctoral researchers who are nationals of one of the countries included in this call and need to finish their training by conducting short-term research stays at the UA for the development of their doctoral thesis or research.

The University of Alicante Sub-Saharan Africa Women Researchers Programme Prerequisites.

a) They must be from Sub-Saharan African countries that have been formed in the List available at: Sudan, as well. Sub-Saharan Africa (see ‘Geographic Regions’)
b) Not get another such grant to carry out a stay at the UA during the desired term.
c) Complete the grant-funded activity within the time frame specified in this call.
d) Not incur in any of the instances listed in article 13.2 of General Subsidies Law 38/2003.
b) Lack of a resident permit in Spain, other than for study

On a particular basis:
Short-term doctoral and postgraduate stays:
a) Be a citizen of one of the African nations named in this appeal.
b) Enrollment in a doctoral/postgraduate program at a university in one of the African nations listed in the guidelines.
c) Having previously secured the approval of A group of researchers from the University of Alicante.
Post-doctoral short-term stays: d) Be a citizen of one of the African nations listed in this appeal.
e) Possess a Doctorate degree in your field of study.
f) Having previously acquired approval from the University of Alicante for a research group

The grant amount will be distributed as follows, based on the length of stay:

One-month stay: €2.000 (if travelling from Spain)
1.500 Euros for a month’s stay (if travelling from Africa)
2.500 Euros for a 2-month stay
3.500 Euros for a 3-month stay
Process for Making an Application:

Applications may be submitted from the day after they are published in the Official Bulletin of the University of Alicante (BOUA) and ending at 24 hours (Spanish time zone) on February 28th, 2023.
Applications will be accepted online only.

Documents to be presented, in the form of separate documents and in pdf format:

a) Curriculum vitae b) Passport, NIE, or other form of identification from your country of origin
c) Doctor’s, Master’s, or Bachelor’s degree, as applicable, confirming the level of studies d) Accreditation of finished publications e) Acceptance letter from the University of Alicante’s research group f) Any document proving the merits mentioned in the form.

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