Gunmen stormed the Nigeria Police Force divisional headquarters in Zurmi town, the administrative center of the Zurmi Local Government Area in Zamfara State, killing at least seven persons.

The gunmen ambushed Zumi on Sunday night, killing seven people (including a police officer), according to MISMOB’s reporting.

As of 9:45 p.m., the town’s indigenous resident Babangida Zurmi had not yet spoken with any of his relatives, according to newsmen.

At this very moment, I am unable to contact anybody in the town because all of their phone lines are off. So, the bandits are apparently still active. Zumi pleaded with the appropriate authorities for assistance.

According to an additional eyewitness, the bandits stormed the town in retaliation for the deaths of two people at the hands of a local vigilante.

Several stores were set on fire, and the Zurmi divisional police headquarters was also destroyed, he said.

Meanwhile, in the Maradun Local Government Area, a different group of bandits kidnapped multiple people and murdered four.

Rumor has it that four people lost their lives when bandits opened fire on those who were cutting down shrubs in the roadside ditch.

Yazid Abubakar, spokesman for the Zamfara State police, confirmed the attack and said he was still trying to piece together details about the Zurmi incident.

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