The Task Force on Gala Houses and Joints has been condemned by the Gombe State branch of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), which has voiced its great concern over the demolition of many commercial premises in the state.

After the task team demolished Runko, Fina Lodge, and other businesses they found to be involved in unethical practices, the NBA criticized them.

Benjamin Sati, chair of the National Basketball Association, criticized the demolitions, calling them “insensitive and careless,” and warned that they would encourage anarchy if left unchecked.

Demolitions, according to Sati, should adhere to the law and not result in the theft of legally obtained property.

“Demolition spree of February 14, 2024, by the Task Force on Gala Houses and Joints in Gombe: The position of the NBA,” reads the statement. As a result of the task force’s actions, Sati demanded that the state government investigate them and compensate the impacted business owners adequately.

The demolitions were justified by Bitrus Bilal, the chairman of the task group, who said that there were illegal and immoral businesses there.

Bilal emphasized the need of refraining from additional illegal actions and reaffirmed the task force’s dedication to upholding law and order.

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