Tonto Dikeh, a well-known Nollywood actress, has scolded Mr. Joseph Aloba for how he is dealing with the loss of his son, the late Nigerian rapper Ilerioluwa Olademeji Aloba, better known as Mohbad.

Regarding his affection for his late kid, she claimed that “material things or wealth seem to overweight” him.

Recent Instagram posts by the actress included an open letter she wrote to the late singer’s father, in which she scolded elder Aloba for burying Mohbad too soon after his death.

Additionally, she blasted elder Aloba for not demanding a DNA test from the wife of the dead but instead appealing to Nigerians for help in conducting a test on Mohbad’s kid.

In an interview about his son Mohbad’s tragic death, Dikeh claimed that Mohbad’s father now demands a fee of N10,000 to N15,000.

An excerpt from the open letter reads as follows: “Papa Mohbad, I can understand the hardships of living in poverty, but it’s devastating when it affects your own child, your lifeblood. The love you have for your own child tends to take a back seat to your desire for cash and other possessions.

Considering Mohbad’s rank, it is very sad that his burial was hastily and undignified, occurring only 24 hours after his purported dying, and that inadequate arrangements were made owing to financial restrictions despite receiving a whopping sum of 2 million Naria. Does it need reiterating how brutally mob’s neck was severed?

An overwhelming number of young Nigerians voiced their concern, leading to the decision to exhume your son’s remains. Although we have confirmed that Mohbad is your son, it is important to remember that he was a married man and that his wife should be held responsible under any circumstances.

If you’re serious about getting international help and DNA evidence, you must respect the woman’s right to know because she is the one with the answers.

While I fully support DNA testing, I don’t understand why you’re requesting it from Nigerians instead of Wunmi.

Your fixation on social media, motivated by insignificant matters and transient celebrity, is discouraging. I take comfort in the fact that we are not related to you, so we will not have to see how you treat the memory of your son with such callousness.

“It’s perplexing that your dissatisfaction only manifested itself when you saw your grandson’s gifts to his mother, “Your late son’s wife,” BUT NOW YOU DEMAND $10,000–$15,000 to be interviewed. How can one let down their own family twice in a row, Papa Mohbad?

Your actions are inflicting immense suffering, and my heart breaks for the hurt you’re causing.

“However, before I depart, I must urge you to do what is right by your son.” That’s correct.

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