On charges of kidnapping and armed robbery, 55 individuals have been apprehended by the police in Jigawa State.

Ahmad Abdullahi, the commissioner of police for the state of Jigawa, revealed this information when updating reporters on the accomplishments of the command in the ten days following his inauguration.

According to Abdullahi, there were 25 people wanted for alleged theft or vandalism, 3 for abduction, 10 for armed robbery, and 2 for human trafficking.

Along with them are three people suspected of stealing mobile phones and ten people suspected of stealing motor vehicles and motorcycles.

The command has seized three weapons made in the area, along with four cars, six motorcycles, nine Android phones, N3,650,000 in cash, and more, according to him.

In addition to the 176 Exol tablets, 261 bundles of dried leaves that were likely Indian hemp, 32 cows, 5 sheep, vandalized armor cables and wires, sesame, millet, and groundnut—all worth a combined total of N450,000—were also found.

After investigations are complete, he said, the suspects would face charges in court.

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