Bode George, a PDP chieftain, has warned that if the current political situation in Rivers State is not resolved soon, it could extend across Nigeria.

This was something George said during his Thursday appearance on Arise Television.

He demanded that the PDP’s top brass step in and end the problem.

From an electoral perspective, Rivers is a crucial state. There is a risk that the situation will spread across the nation. On behalf of this country, I must humbly implore all parties involved. Our economic condition is so bad right now that we shouldn’t fight. People are furious and starving.

“Who is the PDP leader?” Where is he going? According to George, the party leaders need to step up and secure a solution to this situation.

In recent days, the Rivers State Assembly has emerged as the heart of the mayhem.

This whole mess started when Governor Sim Fubara and his former boss, the present Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike, had a falling out.

Along these lines, the state assembly has become divided, with each group supporting its own leader and emboldened by charges, defections, and efforts to impeach them.

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