An article claiming that Abia State Governor Alex Otti has recognized a General Overseer for the church was published on a Facebook page belonging to the Apostolic Christian Church Mission (ACCM). The Abia State Government has rejected the publication as fraudulent.

Claims that the Governor authorized the Church’s yearly gathering were likewise rebuffed by the state authorities.

Governor Alex Otti had no hand in choosing someone to serve as ACCM General Overseer, according to a press statement sent Saturday night by Keneth C. Wiper, who is the State government’s Special Assistant on religious affairs.

“It should be noted by all that His Excellency, Dr. Alex Otti, has not sanctioned anyone for the position of General Overseer nor has he authorized the removal of the prohibition that was earlier imposed on the 2024 annual convention.

It must be stressed beyond a reasonable doubt that the Governor is not involved in the process of choosing religious leaders.

According to Wiper, the government’s involvement in the ACCM case is solely focused on preventing the collapse of law and order that could result from the unhealthy leadership dispute within the church.

Various groups inside ACCM have been vying for the title of General Overseer for the last two years, as reported in the MISMOB.

The Church’s headquarters at 34 Omuma road, Aba was closed on December 31, 2022, by the former administration of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu as a result of circumstances like these.

The leadership issue in the Church did end in March of 2023, when Ikpeazu reopened the church.

Additionally, on Friday, the government of Abia State suspended the church’s annual conference and warned all parties concerned not to resist the order.

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