According to Eno, he and Emmanuel, who personally appointed him as heir, had no political differences.

He delivered his speech in the Onna Local Government Area of the state’s United Evangelical Church (UEC), Awa Iman, at the Special Christmas Day event this year.

Since stepping down from office in May, Eno claims that his predecessor has never imposed any kind of pressure on him. Contrarily, it is us who are pursuing him, pleading with him to consistently see us for advice.

“You are still working for this state even when you are not in government,” I tell them. Over the course of eight years, you (Udom Emmanuel) guided our personal and collective growth as leaders. You have taught us many things, but most importantly, the importance of tolerance.

You may have stepped down as governor today, but I will always look to you as a leader and governor. I shall forever be a student of yours because of your profound comprehension of the subject.The governor of Akwa Ibom has said, “I’m always chasing Udom Emmanuel for advice.”



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