Hyacinth Alia, governor of Benue State, has told the people of his state that their administration will continue to work toward the goals of improving their living conditions and creating a state free of corruption, where unity, love, and prosperity will prevail.

The governor shared this news with the state’s citizens in a statement and expressed hope that the future holds better times.

He emphasized that on this, the anniversary of Jesus Christ’s birth, people should show their love for one another by giving and receiving gifts and spending time with loved ones, especially those who are less fortunate.

The birth of Jesus Christ exemplifies the everlasting virtues of compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness, which Gov. Ália argued that the people should absorb during Christmas, regardless of ethnic, cultural, or historical distinctions.

As he took the oath of office as governor this year—a position that had been democratically elected—he said that this Christmas season was special because it was his first and promised that his team would never disappoint the people.

Regardless of one’s religious, ethnic, or political beliefs, the governor of Benue urged his people to live in peace with one another and to avoid doing anything that would drive a wedge between them.

“Be wary of their media propaganda, which is frequently disguised in press conferences, staged video clips, doctored audio files, and messages. Be wary of those who have abandoned their primary legislative duties, which were entrusted to them in Abuja, and have instead turned to sowing hatred and division among the people.”

The governor reminded the people to remember to visit the sick and to offer shelter to those who have been displaced due to insurgency or violence and were unable to spend Christmas with their families at home. This includes internally displaced persons (IDPs).

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