A survivor of a train-bus disaster in Lagos State has spoken out about the heinous occurrence.
A survivor of Thursday’s disaster involving a train and a bus carrying Lagos State government employees has described how relinquishing her favorite seat to share a seat with another colleague saved her life.

“Where I usually sit on the bus,” she explained, “was where the train rammed into.”

Meanwhile, Oluwaseun Osinbajo, the driver of the Lagos State government employee transport, has requested forgiveness, blaming the disaster on a mechanical defect in the bus.

Survivors said he was driving with his earphone on and ignored the signalman at the rail line.

He’s had various examinations, including psychological ones, and

Authorities have stated that he will face charges.

‘How I Made It’
“My survival is a miracle,” the government servant, who did not want to be identified, added.

“I would have been in the morgue.

“I boarded the bus in Ikotun and took a seat in the middle row, next to the window, which had become my permanent seat.

“But, on that fateful day, a buddy (names omitted) encouraged me to join her on the third row in front.

“She stated that the individual for whom she reserved the seat called to inform her that she would not be joining the staff bus.

“That’s how I got out of my permanent seat, which happened to be right where the train crashed.

“I would instantly recall that whenever I recall it.”

With a shrug, ignore the concept of death.

“This can only be God, and I thank Him.”

‘E ma lo, e duro,’ he says.

Another victim, Ope, said she awoke to shouts of ‘e ma lo, e duro’.

“The staff bus transports any staff of the Lagos State government living in the Ikotun/Isolo area, regardless of department or agency, as long as the personnel is headed for the secretariat,” says Ope.

“I sat on a seat in the first three rows in front and slept off quickly in order to grab some sleep before reaching the office.

“But, I was startled awake by yells of ‘e ma lo, e duro’ (don’t go, wait).

“I awoke to discover

What was going on, but before I could raise my head, there was a huge bang. Many of us were thrown from our chairs as a result of the hit.

“I fell and smacked my head on a hard item. When I opened my eyes, I was in an ambulance being taken to Orile Agege General Hospital.”

Others who survived

Mr. Juwon Fagbohun, 27, of the Agency for Mass Education, Adesoji Ajibade of the Office of the Head of Service, Mariam Olayiwola, 18, of the Ministry of Health, and Eniola Fashoyin, 53, of the Office of the Head of Service, PSO Alausa were also transported to Orile Agege Medical Hospital on Thursday.

Mrs. Adejoke Banjo, 42, from the Office of the Chief of Service, was also present.

Sekinat Ogunremi, 24, from the Ministry of Justice; and Aishat Gbadegeshin, 25, from the Ministry of Establishment and Training.

Ganiyat Raji of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Mrs Oluwatoyin Abiodun of the Ministry of Communication and Strategy.

Vanguard is the source.


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