Coach Randy Waldrum of the Super Falcons is pleased with his team’s progress leading up to the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The nine-time African champions are preparing for the World Cup in Brisbane, Australia.

On Saturday, Waldrum’s squad will play a friendly match against local club Lions FC.

The American gave the impression that everything has been proceeding as scheduled.

The guys are putting in a lot of hard effort, and the overall talent level is high, so camp has been quite successful. After five days of work, “we are happy with what we are into now, so it’s been fun to watch,” he said in a video message shared on the Super Falcons’ Twitter account.

He did, however, say that a few of his players are hurt and now resting.

There are a few knocks and ailments he’s worried about, but “other than that, they are healthy, so it’s all about their performances and how they play,” he said.

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