On the eve of the Nigeria Labour Congress-organized countrywide demonstration on February 27 and 28, the Taraba State Police Command has issued an appeal for calm and restraint.

Tuesday, David Iloyanomon, the Commissioner of Police, issued a statement stating that the Command has deployed high-visibility police patrols to critical places, including government buildings, warehouses, hospitals, schools, markets, and residential zones, as part of a comprehensive security strategy.

According to him, the deployment is meant to reassure the public of the Command’s steadfast dedication to protecting them throughout the planned protests.

Citizens have the right to peacefully protest, according to the Constitution, but the Command has stressed that processions must adhere to the law.

The importance of the Command’s commitment to upholding legal measures to protect persons’ rights was emphasized by CP Iloyanomon.

He assured the crowd that the state’s operational and human resources had been carefully distributed to ensure the protests went off without a hitch.

As the commissioner said, the Command is prepared to work with sister security services to prevent anyone from trying to use the demonstrations for illegal purposes.

Additionally, he promised quick action to preserve law and order and cautioned against criminals participating in the protests.

The public is strongly encouraged to contact the police immediately if they observe anything out of the ordinary.

While assuring the safety and security of all residents during the protest, he pleaded with parents and guardians to discourage their children from engaging in violent behavior and emphasized the need of upholding the values of lawfulness.

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