In anticipation of the planned demonstration by members of the state’s organized labor unions on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Kano State Police Command has alerted its agents.

Mr. Hussaini Gumel, the state’s commissioner of police, made the announcement during a news conference in Kano, where he emphasized the proactive security measures put in place to guarantee a peaceful and orderly protest across the entire state.

The deployment, he said, was a recognition of the right to peaceful protest in accordance with existing legislation.

According to Gumel, all 44 of the state’s LGAs’ area commanders, tactical commanders, and divisional police officers have received an operational order about the individuals.

To assure the safe passage of protesters, he said, the command was coordinating with other state security agencies.

Prior to, during, and after the demonstration, we have deployed an adequate number of armed men to ensure the safety of all sensitive locations, such as the offices of political parties, banks, commercial districts, recreation centers, and car parks.

“I am providing all law-abiding residents of the state with my unequivocal guarantee that they can go about their lawful daily activities without fear for their lives or property,” the commissioner declared.

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