According to data compiled by the Federal Fire Service Zone F, twelve people perished in fires in the states of Lagos and Ogun between January and October.

This was announced on Thursday in Lagos by Mr. Chika Njoku, Assistant Controller-General, Zone F, as part of a drive to raise awareness about the need of preventing fire occurrences in the lead-up to the end-of-year harmattan.

According to Njoku, 216 fire events occurred in the zone, resulting in a loss of N4.7 billion in property while 133 lives were saved, for a total of N23.1 billion.

During the same time span, 180 additional people were rescued from various tragedies.

Njoku cautioned Lagosians to avoid any actions that could start fires in advance of the harmattan.

The purpose of this briefing is to recall and stimulate our level of readiness so that we can confront this time with confidence and competence, leaving no room for error.

“Although we cannot entirely eradicate fire breakouts, we are working to reduce them and the detrimental impacts on individuals affected.

That our mission is to protect people’s lives and property through lobbying, teaching, and putting out fires is something on which we can reach broad consensus.

He urged people to be prepared in the event of an outbreak and to contact the fire department for assistance

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