The Ekiti State Ministry of Health and Human Services, in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, is poised to host the 64th National Council on Health.

The Ekiti State Commissioner for Health and Human Services, Dr Oyebanji Filani, stated this on Thursday at a news conference to commemorate the programme.

He claims that more than 800 people from all around the world would attend the programme, which will take place in the state capital from November 13-17, 2023.

Focusing on analyzing progress and decisions that affect the future of health care in the country, the program titled “Building the Resilience and Inclusive Health Care System for a Healthy Nigeria” aims to explore and address crucial concerns.

According to Filani, “Ekiti State stands to gain tremendously from hosting this national meeting,” as doing so will boost the economy through tourism, raise revenue for businesses, and encourage real cooperation and collaboration among those who take part.

Increasing the number of visitors to our attractions, hotels, and parks is a major economic boon, and this program will help us achieve that goal.

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