Ibrahim Isa, a veteran journalist with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), has been appointed Director-General of the Gombe State Media Corporation (GMC) by Gombe State Governor Inuwa Yahaya.

Notifying the public of the governor’s decision, Professor Ibrahim Abubakar Njodi of the State Government (SSG) said that the post is effective right away.

He went on to say that Isa has an impressive resume that covers more than 20 years of work in a variety of roles, such as newsreader, producer, TV host, and media manager.

Njodi reported that Governor Inuwa had faith in Isa’s leadership, attributing it to the belief that GMC will benefit from Isa’s extensive background and be better able to tell the public in a timely manner.

Not only did Governor Inuwa select Isa, but he also promoted Ishiyaku Babayo Mohammed from the rank of Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the role of Special Adviser on the same portfolio, involving development partners.

The decision was a reflection of Mohammed’s efficacy, dedication, and remarkable accomplishments while serving as SSA, as pointed out by the SSG.

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