Representative Rodney Ambaiowei (PDP-Bayelsa) has criticized the idea that some people, including some of his constituents, see the National Assembly as a means to an end—namely, as a money-making machine.

In a New Year address to his constituents, the lawmaker—who represents the Southern Ijaw Federal Constituency of Bayelsa—made himself available to newsmen in Abuja on Tuesday.

Ambaiowei promised that, to the best of his ability, he would do his best to meet all of his constituents’ financial needs.

He emphasized that representing them and solving their problems is his top responsibility.

According to him, a lawmaker’s principal role is to provide effective representation, to design laws, and to oversee government operations to guarantee sound policymaking.

Ambaiowei reaffirmed his intention to introduce legislation that would pave the way for the creation of local institutions and development projects.

Emphasizing the district’s potential for education, tourism, and crude oil extraction, he expressed his intention to introduce legislation to foster growth and advancement in these sectors.

In addition to promising a balanced budget, he said that bringing attention to his constituency will be his first priority.

Ambaiowei pledged to do something about the chronic boat and craft accidents that were happening along the shore.

Additionally, he voiced his disapproval of the federal government’s proposal to alleviate commuters’ suffering by providing electric buses or compressed natural gas (CNG).

Since his district lacked motorable road networks, he threatened to bring the matter to the floor of the house, claiming that most of his constituents lived by rivers instead.

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