The government of Oyo State said on Thursday that it had closed no less than six medical centers due to quackery.

In a statement provided to MISMOB, the administration made the pronouncement.

The impacted facilities were sealed due to many violations, according to the state administration. These charges included engaging in unlawful operations and recruiting unqualified staff to perform medical services.

Medical centers like as New Jobi Memorial Hospital, Omolara Clinic & Maternity Home, Amazing Grace Medical Clinic, Emiloju Clinic & Maternity Centre, Safeway Clinic, and Emilagba Clinic & Maternity Centre are among those impacted.

In his remarks, Dr. Adekunle Aremu, chairman of the state antiquackery task force, explained that the operation was conducted as part of the government’s endeavors to safeguard the health and welfare of the populace.

Those found guilty would be subject to the full force of the law, he said.

He strongly encouraged everyone to contact the Ministry of Health or the local security agency if they observe any questionable or unlawful behavior at any healthcare establishment.

He went on to say that people should only go to licensed and certified medical centers in the state, and that they should make sure that only trained staff treat them.

Every citizen’s health and safety are top priorities, and the administration of Oyo State is committed to maintaining strict standards.

He assured the public that their healthcare would always be of the best quality and safety standards, saying that the government makes sure of it.

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