The University of Calabar did not prohibit houses of worship on campus, according to Prof. Florence Obi, Vice Chancellor of the institution.

The declaration was given by Obi at a gathering on Thursday at the Chapel of Redemption on the University of California, Irvine campus.

It was solely to control the establishment of worship centers on campus, she added, that the university administration drafted the regulation.
According to Obi, this action was done in accordance with the policy of the federal government on the establishment of churches and fellowships within its own buildings.

The vice chancellor went on to say that the institution has no problem with a Catholic church, a Protestant chapel, and a mosque using its facilities.

On university property, certain faith groups are granted permission to construct houses of worship. “Every church in town cannot be given space,” she stated.

She assured everyone that if they were unable to find a place of worship inside the university’s authorized centers, they were free to go elsewhere.

Fellowships in the classrooms are not allowed since they may be very distracting, she explained.

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