According to the Defense Headquarters (DHQ), Nigerian Army forces have successfully rescued 91 hostages and neutralized 113 terrorists in the past week.

Major General Edward Buba, the Director of Defence Media Operations, who reported this during a press briefing, also stated that the troops captured 25 individuals suspected of involvement in oil theft, destroyed 49 illicit refining sites, and collected stolen products worth at N571 million.

In addition to the 717 types of ammunition, the security personnel recovered 129 guns.

The DHQ reaffirmed its firm resolve to use military force against those who threaten national security.

Buba declared, “Without a shadow of a doubt, these groups must be defeated, and they are.”

For these reasons, our operations across the country are dealing heavy blows to terrorists, insurgents, and violent extremists. As a result, we’re going for their top brass as well as their bases and troops.

Incredible progress has been made thanks to unprecedented cooperation between air and ground forces. New tools are on the horizon that will allow us to eliminate terrorists’ military forces and root them out even more thoroughly.

One inoperable AA gun, one RPG tube, five RPG bombs, one GT3 rifle, 54 AK47 rifles, eight locally constructed rifles, one locally built rifle, two handguns, and two pump action guns were among the things listed by the DHQ spokeswoman.

Others are two dane guns, four locally produced pistol, three skeleton of AK47 rifles, nine hand grenades, one unserviceable AK47 rifle, 14 magazines, 321 rounds of 7.62mm special ammo, 40 live cartridges.

In addition to the N348,200, 53 rounds of 5.45mm x 39mm ammunition, 35 rounds of 7.62mm NATO ammunition, 100 rounds of short gun ammunition, 11 rifle bodies, 7 breech blocks, 7 rifle butts, 8 rifle muzzles, 9 piston assembles, 210 springs, 1 drilling machine, hand filling machines, 10 magazine purges, IED making materials, 4 boating radios, 15 motorcycles, 20 mobile phones, and various other small items were also recovered.

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