On Thursday, the Senate voted to dismiss from their positions any government department or agency heads who failed to attend a 2024-2026 MTEF/FSP interactive session.

The Senate has mandated that all agency heads personally attend MTF/FSP meetings, while the House has demanded that President Bola Tinubu fire any government officials who aren’t taking their jobs seriously.

Senate President Godswill Akpabio, in his opening remarks for the interactive session organized by the Senate’s Committees on Finance, Appropriations, National Planning, Local and Foreign Debts, read the riot act, demanding the removal from office of any government agency head who failed to appear.

According to his words: “If you don’t plan how to achieve, then you’ve planned to fail. So, I’d want to remind our committee that every serious appointee or agency head who cares about President Bola Tinubu’s administration’s success should be present today.

“The chairman of the lead committee (Finance), should provide me the list of all the Heads of Agencies that you invited who have failed to show up in this session, this is the beginning of their failure in their respective offices.

“Any agency head sending a representative here is not a serious person, and the President should reconsider appointing that person.

It’s the truth, not a threat. To ensure my presence at today’s final rally of my party, I rescheduled other commitments and cancelled my doctor’s appointment, among other things.

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