On Saturday, an explosion involving a gas cylinder occurred in Ilorin, the capital of Kwara State, injuring eight people.

One petrol station worker and seven Ilorin campus students from Kwara State Polytechnic were among the victims.

Hassan Adekunle, a spokesman for the State Fire Service, said that the fire started at about 21:32 in the Destiny Villa on Dola Abimbola Street in the Elekoyangan neighborhood of Ilorin East Local Government.

Quickly leaving the station, the fire crew found a building with roughly 17 separate rooms that were all blazing.

Eight people were hurt, and four rooms were affected. Firefighters were able to successfully control and extinguish the blaze thanks to their expertise.

“Investigations led to the discovery that a gas station attendant was refilling a gas cylinder many meters off the ground.

“The cylinder crashed to the floor, exploding while the charged refill hose let loose its contents. As a result, seven students from Kwara State Polytechnic and the gas attendant were hurt in the blaze.

The representative also said that N14.6m worth of property was lost in the fire.

Kwara State Fire Service Director Prince Falade John responded to the event on Sunday by sending out a team to check on the impacted pupils.

The Director has also asked the general public to put fire safety first.

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