Aisha Yesufu, a political activist, has predicted a more destructive demonstration than the statewide ‘End SARS’ demonstration planned for 2020.

According to the mismob , EndSARS was a grassroots social movement and a string of protests targeting police violence.

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) is a notorious branch of the Nigeria Police, and this slogan demanded that they be disbanded.

The protest, which began on Twitter, quickly spread to all of Nigeria’s main cities, where it was met with violence and left many young people dead.

It’s possible that Nigerians would be taken by surprise, according to activist Aisha Yesufu, who was in the epicenter of the protest.

Yesufu observed that the impunity and brazenness of corrupt politicians and dictators who manipulated their way into power is fueling a seething rage in the land.

The #EndSARS movement was completely unexpected. “No one will be prepared for the next uprising,” she said on X.

Unfortunately, it could get violent in the end. There is pent-up rage because dishonest politicians and tyrants get away with everything after cheating their way into power. There will be no exceptions.

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