Jay Boogie, whose real name is Daniel Anthony Nsikan, is a well-known transgender man from Nigeria. He recently admitted that he wishes he had died after complications from a botched cosmetic procedure.

He mentioned that his health took a turn for the worst, necessitating daily dialysis sessions just to pee.

After some of his friends photographed him in his hospital bed and falsely claimed he needed public assistance to pay for a kidney transplant, Jay Boogie said in a recent interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo that he was also receiving death threats via social media.

A group of people he believed were friends of his entered the hospital, photographed him, and then emailed the images to bloggers, he revealed. Even more frustrating was the fact that cyberbullying was reaching a breaking point. People were threatening to kill me. Sometimes people will message me directly and ask, “You never still die?” As a result, I’ve chosen to avoid the press for the time being.

My images on social media were not shared by me. No, that was my pals. The person I am is discreet. Showing off isn’t my thing. The low-key life is my favorite. Because you are unimportant to no one. Take care of yourself.

People are tormenting me by asking, ‘How man go go do nyansh?’ because of the dramas that are going viral online. Think about it for a second. Are you even considering me a man? I would like to have this for my own use. They won’t try to convince me that they won’t understand the anguish I’m experiencing if I were to assume the role of one of their siblings. The only reason I’ve started going to dialysis daily is to pass pee. Swelling had set in my legs. Extremely high levels of urine were detected. I was keeping track of how much water I was drinking at that moment. I will be weighing a hundred and something pounds when I go in for dialysis. Dialysis would be a daily occurrence for me, involving blood draws and all that. I sat down and muttered, “God damn it, I’m just exhausted,” despite the pain. All I want to do is die. Who am I fooling? To do this nyansh sef, who sent me?”

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