Tottenham Hotspur star Son Heung-min is one year younger now that South Korea has modified the way it calculates residents’ ages.
Previously, all babies in the Asian country were counted as one-year-olds upon birth, including their gestation time.

With their old method of reckoning age, everyone in the country grew a year older on January 1st, including those born in December.

However, the government has since followed international norms in which babies are recorded as zero at birth and are given a year of age every year.

Tottenham striker, Son was born on July 8, 1992, and has always been categorized in the United Kingdom using the international method. This means that his age will continue to be displayed on numerous statistics websites.

However, in his native nation, the alterations would be made to conform to the UK procedure.

He is now younger in his birthplace, but his contract and registration with Tottenham remain unaffected.

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