Top 7 Scholarships for IELTS-Free Study in HungaryTop 7 Scholarships for IELTS-Free Study in Hungary in 2023

If you are applying to or want to study in Hungary, you may be eligible for one of the several fully funded scholarships for international students to study in Hungary without IELTS.

Hungary is investing greater effort into improving its national image and academic prowess in the eyes of the world… Their efforts are beginning to bear fruit as they rise through the ranks of respected institutions.

This is due to their planned and well-placed technique of encouraging and luring students from all over the world. One such system is the provision of excellent scholarships.

Scholarships for Studying in Hungary | Scholarships without IELTS
While we’re talking about it, you may have observed that A large number of foreign institutions highlight IELTS and/or other English language examinations as a primary prerequisite for overseas candidates seeking admission or scholarships.

Unfortunately, even English-speaking countries are affected.

With barely 10% of its people knowing English, Hungary is clearly not a mostly English-speaking country, yet this does not prevent them from accepting scholarships from a variety of institutions. Yet their biggest states, including Budapest, have a high population of English speakers, making it simpler for international students, visitors, and tourists.

If you’ve been looking for a safe, tranquil, and prestigious destination to study, Hungry may be the one for you, with its lovely tourist regions and many cultures.

Scholarships in Hungary that do not require IELTS
There are various scholarships available for International students are welcome to study in Hungary. Let’s get right to it without wasting any time. Below are various scholarships available in Hungary, with the bulk of them being completely financed.

1.) University Exchange Program in Central Europe (CEEPUS)
If you are interested in education, this award is for you. This scholarship uses an exchange mechanism. It was established to provide funding for professors or students to spend time abroad.

It provides scholarships in a variety of categories, including short-term, long-term, and teacher mobility. Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Prishtina/Kosovo, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary are among the 15 nations covered.

2.) FAO-Hungarian Government Development Scholarship Program
The United Nations Department of Food and Agriculture

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) provides a unique sponsorship program to help persons interested in food safety to further their careers.

This is a Masters’ degree postgraduate program. The Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences in Budapest will be the site where the degree in Food Safety and Quality Engineering will be taught.

3.) The Hungarian Stipendium Scholarship Scheme
The Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship is one of the most prestigious and well-known in Hungary. It is a complete scholarship offered by the Hungarian government in order to foster close relationships between international students and their home country.

It also aspires to raise the level of Hungarian intellectual authority while forging long-term academic and professional partnerships with other countries.

Both are covered under this scholarship.

Undergraduate and postgraduate studies are available, with approximately 600 courses taught in English. It also does not require IELTS.

Official statistics show that there are now 11,000 Stipendium Hungaricum students studying in Hungary.

The scholarship covers all tuition, provides monthly stipends of 140 US dollars, lowers accommodation fees, and provides 210 US dollars in health insurance.

4.) Scholarship at Central European University (CEU)
This prestigious University’s scholarship, like the Stipendium Hungaricum, is open to all countries for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. They also have approximately 50 courses.

Some of their programs have monthly budgets of up to 1000 EUR (1140 Us dollars). Students from English-speaking nations are excluded from taking the IELTS exam.

5.) Erasmus Mundus Fellowship
If you want to study in any part of Europe, this scholarship is for you.

Hungary, as a European country, is not left behind. Courses in various subjects are permitted, as are graduate degrees, postgraduate programs, and doctorate programs.

It offers free education and a monthly stipend of $1100-1200. Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Economics, and Law are the courses available for application.

Scholarships for Hungarian Diaspora
Established to motivate and assist those living in the Hungarian Diaspora who want to study in Hungary. According to official statistics, Hungary currently has 40,000 students enrolled.

The scholarship program seeks to give safe and culturally reinforced degree holders at all levels while strengthening the host country’s strength and relationship, which will boost Hungary’s image in all directions.

7.) EEA AWARD (European Economic Area)

This uses a mechanism that is similar to the CEEPUS is an exchange system. The catch is that students cannot apply for the grant individually; instead, they must apply through their present universities.

Because this is a European award, it is primarily aimed at European countries.

While we work on updating you with more similar opportunities, please select your desired program(s) and follow the procedures to apply.

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