In response to two separate cases of child theft in the state of Abia, the ministry of women’s affairs and poverty alleviation has issued a statement urging parents to keep a closer eye on their children.

Eight children, all from separate families, were abducted in Umuahia within a span of three weeks, according to the MISMOB.

The Abia State Abia commissioner for women affairs and poverty alleviation, Mrs. Ngozi Blessing Felix, made the ministry’s statement public, saying, “attention has been drawn to the increased rate of child theft, experienced in our localities, recently.”

When it came to managing their children, especially when entrusting them to others, the ministry urged parents and guardians to exercise greater caution.

“The public is urged to remain vigilant and report anyone they suspect to be in the company or custody of multiple children at odd hours to the police or to the ministry’s already-established complaint desk,” the commissioner said, urging people to call 08130737970, 07031301431, and 0818390314.

At the same time, Mr. Paul Igwebuike, commandant of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) in Abia State, has reassured the people of Abia that they will be secure throughout the Christmas season by announcing an increase in motorized patrols throughout the state.

The commandant made these remarks following a pivotal quarterly management meeting of the Corps in Umuahia. He also mentioned that the NSCDC, Abia State Command has reviewed all available intelligence in an effort to protect lives and property.

“I have ordered the swift deployment of staff to key areas throughout the state, paying particular attention to venues for entertainment and gatherings, parking lots, marketplaces, shopping centers, and other potential hotspots,” Igwebuike declared.


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