The government of Jigawa state has ordered that all J-Teach recipients have their salary payments immediately frozen.

While addressing reporters on the results of the State Executive Council meeting, Hon. Sagir Musa—the state commissioner for information, youth, support, and culture—made this revelation.

To address the current shortage of teachers, the government of Jigawa State reportedly hired 3,000 recent college grads to work as substitute educators, according to the MISMOB.

its compensation was put on hold after a commission tasked with developing a government strategy to make them permanent submitted its findings.

The secretary to the state government (SSG) submitted a memo to His Excellency, the former governor of Jigawa State, Muhammed Badaru Abubakar, on 9th May 2023, detailing the results of the Jigawa State Staff Validation Committee (J-Teach Beneficiaries Verification Report).

The commissioner states that the state executive council has deliberated on the memo. Several important points raised by the report’s conclusions have been discussed by the Council since the presentation:

Among the beneficiaries, we found 240 “ghost workers,” 255 with fraudulent certifications, and 72 without any documentation at all.

Using the same beneficiary names again; improperly substituting qualified applicants with unqualified ones.

There were recipients who were discovered to be residing entirely outside of the state, and there were beneficiaries who had hired somebody to live there for them.

Many issues have arisen for the system due to inadequate beneficiary supervision.

“The highlighted issues render the examination conducted prior to the employment null and void.”

Sagir brought attention to the fact that the Council has ordered the instantaneous wage suspension of all J-Teach recipients until the committee’s report is due within four weeks.

He promised to pay all legitimate J-Teachs who have been validated in due course.

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