Olumide Ogunade, a well-established record producer widely recognized as ID Cabasa, has expressed his belief that the recent assertion made by Burna Boy, a Grammy-winning artist, regarding his rejection of a $5 million proposal to perform in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), due to the prohibition of public smoking under Emirati legislation, was likely a deliberate act to garner media attention.

In the most recent installment of The Honest Bunch Podcast, ID Cabasa engaged in a discussion, alongside actor Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, also known as Nedu.

During the discussion, Nedu, one of the co-hosts, raised the topic of Burna Boy’s refusal to accept a monetary offer of $5 million due to his inability to indulge in smoking activities in Dubai. Does this imply that he has reached a stage of addiction where he is heavily reliant on smoking and unable to engage in any activities without it?

ID Cabasa responded by stating, “Upon encountering the aforementioned content on the internet, two distinct thoughts immediately arose within my consciousness, and I shall forthrightly express them.” I perceived it as a strategic maneuver orchestrated by the media. The statement in question was found to be false. We are referring to a sum of $5 million.

If the statement is indeed accurate, it might be argued that Burna Boy, being of legal age, possesses the autonomy to make his own choices. However, in the hypothetical scenario where I am the individual being presented with a sum of $5 million, it is important to note that I do not engage in smoking activities. Consequently, I would kindly request that instead of receiving the full amount of $5 million, a reduced sum of $3 million will suffice. Additionally, I am willing to enhance the overall experience of the event by bringing along supplementary artists.

It is worth noting that Burna Boy, during a rehearsal session with his musical ensemble, Outsiders, asserted that he declined a monetary offer of $5 million to partake in a performance in Dubai. His rationale for turning down the opportunity stemmed from the fact that he would not be permitted to engage in the consumption of cannabis during his time in Dubai.

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