The Kano State Attorney General, Haruna Dederi, has been given 48 hours to recant or provide evidence that the Appeal Court justices who issued the ruling on the Kano governorship election were compromised, or else the All Progressives Congress (APC) will take legal action.

The party also demanded that Dederi identify the individuals who attempted to influence the verdict or face legal repercussions.

In a petition dated November 23 and directed at Dederi, Kano APC State chairman Hon. Abdullahi Abbas issued an ultimatum.

Abbas said this in the petition headed, “Injurious, malicious and false statement against the judiciary and our party on a live television program and a voice note going round in the social media: Demand for retraction.”

He recalled that on November 23, 2023, Dederi appeared on the Channels Television breakfast show, where he made damaging and serious allegations of corruption against the Judges of the Kano State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal and the Justices of the Court of Appeal who heard and determined the appeal of Abba Yusuf and the New Nigerian People’s Party (NNPP) filed in Appeal No CA/KN/EP/GOV/KAN/34/2023, Yusuf Abba Kabir.

According to Abbas, in the aforementioned interview, Dederi maliciously and falsely asserted that the decision of the Tribunal to give judgment via zoom was because of intervention in order to remark on the verdict of the Tribunal that terminated Yusuf.

“In light of the foregoing, I hereby demand that you publicly identify those who have interfered with the rulings of the two courts,” he declared.

This will help immensely in ridding our society of corruption. My reputation will be restored, and I’ll be shielded from further attacks like the one you started with your comment.

But if you can’t back up the serious accusation you made, then you owe it to me and my party to publicly apologize for the shame you’ve brought upon us.

Therefore, I am writing to set you a deadline of 48 hours to provide evidence supporting your claims that the judges and justices were influenced to rule in a way that was inconsistent with the law.

“Please note that if you fail to meet with my demands as stated above, I shall not hesitate to file a petition against you at the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee, as well as institute an action for defamation against you in court, and this we shall do without further recourse to you.”

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