canada immigrationStrategies for Internationals Seeking Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada

What exactly is the job of a fruit picker?

The NOC code for fruit pickers is 8611. On many Canadian farms, they assist with fruit picking. You might have to go around the entire farm gathering and sorting fruits, which is a lot of labour for something that seems like an easy task.

As a fruit picker in Canada, what abilities am I required to have?

There are no particular abilities needed by fruit pickers. All they have to do is express an interest in working there. They should also have no problem putting in long days on the farm. Hence, they need to be able to handle the tasks that are physically demanding on the job.

Do Canadians have a need for apple pickers?

Seasonal employment is available in Canada for apple pickers. And many farmers, particularly those on vacation, seek for foreign workers to assist with the seasonal workload. So, it’s not a very popular career path in Canada. On the contrary, you’ll have little trouble finding work during its peak season because there is a severe scarcity of labourers.

For that reason, this post will teach you the ropes of being a fruit kicker in Canada. Among the various pieces of information you could require are the correct visa to utilise, fruit picker fees, farms that are available, and more.

Going on vacation to Canada and making money at the same time is practically the same thing. Consequently, landing this job is a good choice.

Seasonality is inherent in the fruit-picking industry in Canada. So, you’ll have to hold off on applying for this job until harvest time. Having a working holiday visa is also a must for this employment. You get to travel across Canada, but the employment doesn’t last long either.

Is there a profession in Canada that you’ve ever thought would be that much fun? Then working as a fruit picker in Canada might be just what you’re looking for. Nevertheless, you need to think about a lot of things.

Is there anything specific you need to know to be hired as a fruit picker in Canada? If you’re not sure, keep reading because I’ll explain everything.

Possible Canadian occupations for fruit pickers

Canadian fruit picker job requirements

In Canada, becoming a fruit picker typically does not necessitate any formal schooling. To be considered for a job, though, you might require these traits. Among them are:

1. Flexibility to work many shifts

You should have no problem putting in long hours every day because your job is on farms. Therefore, a career as a fruit picker is not suitable for someone lacking that disposition.

2. Physical power

Working long hours requires more than just a willingness to put in the time; it also demands energy. You can expect to work in all kinds of weather. That being said, you ought to be physically and medically sound. You should not apply for this position if you lack this level of enthusiasm.

Additional necessities comprise:

Work safely at elevated levels

No history of chemical allergies

Endure lengthy periods of walking

Capacity to lift substantial weights

Canadian fruit picking visa programmes

If you want to work as a fruit picker in Canada, picking the correct visa programme is your hidden weapon. A wide variety of workers can take advantage of Canada’s varied visa programmes. Consequently, if you want to work in Canada, you need to enrol in the right programme. There are two primary visa programmes that cater to individuals who gather fruits. The following are listed:

Work Permit for Temporary Foreign Employees

Opportunity for Seasonal Agricultural Workers in Canada A Work Visa for a Year

Work Permit for Temporary Foreign Employees

Temporary foreign employees can enter Canada using this visa programme. Which is why this visa is necessary for their employment in Canada. You are limited to working for a single employer with this authorization. The employment arrangement also needs to have a specified duration. Nevertheless, in order to secure employment as a fruit picker in Canada, you are obligated to fulfil the subsequent criteria.

In addition to applying for a visa, this programme can help you find a job picking fruit in Canada. This opens the door for tourists from other countries to work while they’re in Canada. But you can choose from a number of alternative programmes. Nevertheless, your nation of origin determines this.

This programme, in contrast to the TFWP, permits you to switch employers within Canada. This means you are eligible to remain in Canada for the whole twelve months that the programme is valid.

Maximising Your Chances of Landing a Fruit Picking Job in Canada

These days, finding work is challenging in general, but particularly for well-paying occupations like fruit picking. However, you can secure your next employment as a fruit picker in Canada by acquiring the necessary information and insider tips. Thus, while in Canada, you can secure your employment using our hidden weapons. Here are the details:

1. Look for work as a fruit picker in Canada

Getting your resume in order is the first step in applying for jobs in Canada. Please ensure that you submit all of the necessary documentation for the role. You might expect to receive the job and make plans to relocate to Canada if you fulfil all of the conditions.

Fill out as many applications as you like and accept the offer from the first one that comes your way.

2. Use any Canadian job board to locate a company to work for

To find a job in Canada, you can use any number of websites. Fortunately, you can utilise them right from your home nation. There aren’t many opportunities for people looking for work as fruit pickers in Canada. Naturally, you are not required to have any formal training, linguistic fluency, or professional experience.

3. Seek for an appropriate route

If you want to work picking fruits in Canada, one trick is to apply for the correct visa. Typically, in order to utilise any programme, you need to have all of the necessary needs. The visa could be denied if you do not comply. On the other hand, your nationality will dictate which programme you can enrol in. Your eligibility to participate in any of the aforementioned programmes is thus contingent upon your nation of origin.

4. Write a resume that is both personable and attractive

Possessing a resume that conforms to the Canadian standard would be beneficial. Your resume, in other words, ought to be on par with the nation’s finest. You might not give a fruit picking job much thought, but in Canada, there is a lot of competition. So, to compete with the top, you need a stellar resume.

However, the following guidelines can serve as a basis for your resume. Among them are:

1. When you write your resume, you must be honest
Giving your employer fake information is not necessary to make a good impression. Some companies would rather do covert background checks on applicants than hand over their resumes. Your job proposal can be shot down if they discover you’re using false information. Thus, be very careful to include accurate information in your resume, particularly on your academic background and work history.

2. Make your contacts stand out
This is crucial as it’s the sole means by which a prospective employer may get in touch with you. That being said, make sure the contact part is easy to understand for anyone.

3. Your resume should be well-organized
A well-designed CV template can do wonders for your application. Nothing less than clarity and conciseness will do. Less is more when it comes to colour scheme. Because of this, it will appear unofficial. Keeping things simple is key.


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