Minister of State for Environment and Ecological Management in Nigeria Kunle Salako has advised young people to put serving the country ahead of making demands.

On Sunday, at the Ayetoro-Yewa Day celebration in Ayetoro, Yewa North LG, Ogun State, Salako made the above comments.

A native of Ayetoro, Salako argued that young people in Nigeria should serve their country with dedication no matter where they live.

He claims that young people should not expect to be serviced by their country unless they have first served Nigeria.

Salako likened this idea to the work of a farmer who plants seeds and tends to them in order to get a harvest.

He emphasized to the young people that they must serve their country if they want it to serve them in return.

The younger generation, in particular, should put serving our country ahead of making demands on Nigeria, in my opinion. He proclaimed, “If you serve your land, your land will serve you.”

He guaranteed that the Federal Government’s Environmental Ministry will provide special attention to Ogun.

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