Olukayode Egbetokun, the acting inspector general of police, has issued an emergency directive requiring all police convoys to abide by all traffic laws going forward.
At a meeting with the Mobile Police Squadron and commanders on Monday at the Force headquarters in Abuja, IGP Egbetokun gave the order.

He believed that in order to earn the public’s respect, the Force needed to set an example. Therefore, he promised to set an example by adhering to all driving laws.

Let me conclude my lecture by reminding you that people who maintain peace must exemplify peace, he remarked. Laws must be respected and obeyed by those who have the responsibility for upholding them. Without abiding by the law, the Police lack the moral authority to question and prosecute lawbreakers.

In light of this, and in keeping with my goal of creating a police force that upholds the law, I have issued the command that moving forward, all police convoys on normal, non-emergency moves must abide by traffic signals and other traffic laws. I also promise to set a good example in this area. I wish you a safe trip as you return to your various bases, and please know that you always have my best wishes.

The IG went on to say that the recently established special squad, known as the Special Intervention Squad, will be made up of 40,000 specially trained officers who will be chosen from the pool of current members of the Police Mobile Force and all tactical units across the nation.

He stated:

“Modalities have been started for the formation of a new special squad—the Special Intervention Squad. A total of 40,000 elite cops with specialized training will make up this unique team. Officers for the Squad will be chosen from the pool of current Police Mobile Force employees as well as from all tactical units across the nation.

These officers will go through rigorous pre-deployment training in order to be combat fit for frontline operational responsibilities in all of the Federation’s states, with a special emphasis on troubled and unrest-ridden areas.

“By combining the knowledge and skills of our PMF members and those of other tactical units, we can build a powerful force that is prepared to manage the changing challenges we face.

“This committed force will strengthen our ability to react rapidly and forcefully to security challenges, ensuring that our presence is felt and our response is successful in every part of our nation.

“1,000 members of this new squad will be sent to every state in the Federation for immediate use as standby intervention forces, and the remaining 40,000 policemen would be sent to more difficult areas or zones.

“Instead of carrying out ordinary police work, these officers will live in combat-ready housing and undergo constant training in order to be sent to apprehend and neutralize high-profile criminals and those terrorizing our neighborhoods.

According to Egbetokun, “They will be deployed to intervene swiftly and pro-actively in any situation that requires it in their states of assignment.”

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