Customers of many commercial banks in Osogbo, the capital of Osun State, voiced their displeasure with the ATMs’ lackluster service over the weekend.

Customers were inconvenienced since several commercial bank ATMs were not dispensing cash, according to findings by MISMOB.

On both Saturday and Sunday, we saw no one using the ATMs at the banks we went to.

According to several clients who spoke with MISMOB, this was exactly the same as what happened in Q1 of 2023.

Because no ATM machine was dispensing cash, Dele Ajayi was unable to easily resolve an immediate problem.

“I went to the closest bank to use their ATM on Saturday because I had an emergency,” he said. No ATMs were dispensing, which caught me off guard.

I already know that banks have re-instituted daily withdrawal caps, but the question remains: why aren’t the ATMs dispensing? Why am I required to have an ATM card on me at all times if I can’t use it whenever I want?

Several banks in Osogbo, the capital of the state, were affected by the same problem. These banks were situated on Gbongan-Ibadan road, Oke-Fia, Station Road, and the Igbona axis.

David Olayinka, another client, claimed he was left with no choice but to use POS agents.

Every N5,000 that I retrieved from the POS agent cost me N150. With a point-of-sale agent, I could only get N5,000.

I had to round up N500,000 from 10 separate POS agents since none of them would give me more than that. The point-of-sale costs added another N1500 to my wallet.

“I don’t know how we’ll welcome the new year; it was far from humorous.”

Similarly, point-of-sale agents have spoken out against commercial banks’ withdrawal limits. Banks have reduced daily withdrawals and are looking for new ways to get money, according to some agents. Some of these new ways include merchants, commercial motorcyclists, and gas station attendants.

Withdrawals made every day have been cut by most banks. The minimum amount allowed varies from N20,000 to as little as N5,000. You would think that with the holiday season upon us, business would be booming, but look at what we’re facing.

According to the banks, the Central Bank of Nigeria is taking all the money. For what?” A POS agent named Adedayo Azeez was questioned.

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