President Bola Tinubu has been urged by the Atunluse Initiative, a cultural and sociopolitical group, to address the growing expense of living in the nation.

On Sunday in Akure, Ondo State, the group’s chairman, Mr. Akin Akinbobola, addressed the gathering and made the request.

In an impassioned plea, Akinbobola urged Tinubu to reverse the “hard situation” and allow the people to reap the benefits of democracy.
He advocated for universal access to food and other necessities so that all Nigerians might live comfortably.

Things have changed and there has been rage and hunger ever since President Tinubu took office.

The president has our unwavering support as we call on him to leave an indelible mark on American history by doing all in his power.

It is imperative that he improves the country’s economy. Tinubu, he added, “must be a positive history” since he is a Yoruba man.

When asked about the next state governorship race, Akinbobola stated that the group would only collaborate with a candidate that it believed deserved their support.

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