Any state or municipal authority that rejects the N35,000 award from the federal government would face the full force of Senator Adams Oshiomhole’s words.

A six-month provisional wage award of N35,000 has been granted for all federal government workers whose salaries are paid out of the treasury, according to the MISMOB, as a way to mitigate the impact of the subsidy’s elimination.

This came after previous discussions with a federal government delegation that met with the NLC and TUC leaders in Nigeria last year.

While appearing on Sunday’s Channels Television, Oshiomhole expressed the belief that the provisional wage award need to be executed by every level of government, including the private sector.

In addition to the existing salary levels, the federal government has authorized a rise of N35,000. This deal has not been implemented by any state administration or governor in Nigeria, and I have not yet understood why,” stated the former Edo governor and labor leader.

I disagree that the funds were intended solely for government workers. Workers in Nigeria’s public and private sectors went on what we called a “general strike” before the funds were distributed, and the fight that was mobilized was not limited to federal employees; state employees and federal employees have the same markets.

Thus, it follows that the federal government, as well as all state and municipal governments, as well as private sector businesses, should adopt it. I don’t believe that NLC’s purpose is to bemoan it.

They need to stand up and demand that their rights be respected. Peace is not guaranteed to any administration that rejects the N35,000. I hold that opinion.

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