Students at the polytechnic said that their privates shrank to the size of a matchstick after two strangers visited and shook hands with them.

Students gathered swiftly, according to eyewitnesses, with the intention of confronting the foreigners and potentially persuading them to undo whatever they had done.

Students attempted to take matters into their own hands, but security personnel intervened.

It has been reported that “the students became violent because the police and polytechnic authorities prevented them from lynching the suspected private part thieves.”

In Jimeta, where the polytechnic is centrally located, students shut down a key thoroughfare called Galadima Aminu Way.

The military, police, and civil defense had to work feverishly to get things back to normal.

Albert Matilah, a spokesman for the polytechnic, has verified that the incident took place in the morning.

‘We woke up to this awful circumstance,’ he said, “with tales that crooks who specialize in grabbing private parts of victims were in town. Six of our classmates have already expressed concern over the loss of their privates this morning.

The criminals, Matilah said, were caught and turned over to the authorities.

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