In a recent courtesy call to the Abuja headquarters of the Defence and Police Officers’ Wives Association (DEPOWA), Promiseland Estate’s Managing Director and CEO, Amb Lawrence Oloche (MON), was received.

The President of DEPOWA, Mrs. Oghogho C.G Musa, and her executive committee warmly welcomed Ambassador Oloche and his entourage.

During the tour, we wanted to express our gratitude for all that DEPOWA does to improve the lives of duty members, widows, children, and the surrounding community, both inside and outside of the barracks.

During the visit, Ambassador Oloche praised Mrs. Musa for her unwavering dedication to the principles that gave rise to DEPOWA.

In particular, he praised the group for the important work they perform in helping military widows, girls, and the underprivileged.

He begged Mrs. Musa to keep fighting for these good causes.

Amb Oloche expressed his appreciation for Mrs. Musa’s leadership of DEPOWA and promised to provide Promiseland Estate’s support to the organization.

Promiseland Estate will help the less fortunate and help the poor both within and outside the barracks, he said, affirming DEPOWA’s goal.

By highlighting DEPOWA’s critical role in reaching out to individuals in need within society, Amb Oloche urged other Nigerians to stand in solidarity with the organization.

As a certified non-governmental organization comprised of women tied by marriage to Military and Police Officers in Nigeria, DEPOWA holds a unique position, and Mrs. Musa expressed her gratitude to Amb. Oloche for the visit.

The unique affiliate association structure of DEPOWA, she said, allows it to meet urgent needs in the barracks and the communities around.

During her remarks, Mrs. Musa emphasized the many ways in which DEPOWA has helped underprivileged women and youth through programs of empowerment, sponsorships, contributions, and training.

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