It was long overdue, according to Uche Nwosu, an APC chieftain, for President Bola Tinubu to execute the recommendations made in the report by Steven Oronsaye.

As previously reported by MISMOB, the Oronsaye report—which called for the consolidation and reorganization of various federal entities—was approved by the Federal Executive Council on Monday.

Twelve years after its submission during Goodluck Jonathan’s government, the report was finally adopted.

Uche Nwosu, a former chief of staff in Imo State, responded in a statement he released on Tuesday, urging the committee formed to execute the adoption to begin immediately.

He claims that the necessity to decrease the cost of government and increase efficiency in the federal service drove the FEC’s decision.

The long-overdue recommendations of the Steve Oronsaye panel regarding the rationalization and restructure of Federal agencies, parastatals, and commissions have yet to be implemented.

With a 12-week deadline looming, I anticipate the eight-person group to swiftly and effectively execute the administrative restructure and legislative revisions required to execute the reforms.

Without a doubt, Nigeria runs one of the most overburdened federal civil services in the world. Only President Tinubu’s visionary leadership could have confronted the situation head-on and implemented the FEC’s recommendations, which would have benefited everyone.

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