The administration of President Bola Tinubu is confronted with the daunting and tough challenge of resolving the issues affecting Nigeria, as revealed by Vice President Kashim Shettima.

Shettima assured the people of Nigeria that their current government had no intention of misleading them or making their lives harder.

In doing so, he gave the impression that the nation’s present economic woes would soon pass.

The 29th pre-Ramadan lecture organized by the University of Lagos Muslim Alumni, UMA, was held yesterday in Lagos, where he talked on the topic of “Economic Reforms for Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects for the Future.”
Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, the Vice President’s Special Adviser on Political Matters, conveyed the president’s message that Nigerians should respond “in a responsible and mature manner” to the present situation.

“Yet, my brothers and sisters, we are stuck in this situation because we can’t turn around,” he declared. Failing to fix this country will not be tolerated. Every single one of our choices is tough and demanding, and they are unquestionably harder on the poor. We would have chosen different policies if they had been simpler and more trustworthy.

We have no intention of making life harder for Nigerians as a government. Furthermore, we have no intention of misleading our fellow citizens into thinking that the desired objective and course correction can be accomplished painlessly.

We also know full well that our problems are interconnected ones in Nigeria, and that any answers we find will have to be grounded in the realities of our own country, rather than relying on the wisdom of outsiders or catering to the preferences of special interest groups in foreign countries that are immune to the fallout of human error.

We want Nigerians to act responsibly and maturely when they express their feelings about our situation. We also have strong religious beliefs and hold the power of prayer and faith in high regard.

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