In recent years, Nigerians have made concerted efforts to set new records in a number of Guinness World Records categories.

Since then, Nigerians have made all kind of record attempts, prompting warnings from Guinness World Records.

It all started when a Nigerian cook by the name of Hilda Baci set a new record for the most consecutive hours spent in the kitchen by a single person.

Since then, there have been claims that Nigerians are trying to set world records for other unusual activities, such as the longest kissing hour, the longest movie viewing hour, the longest singing hour, and the longest dance hour.

Amidst this flurry of record-breaking attempts, the Nigerian news site Pulsenigeria247 published an article with Guinness World Records’ answer to a Nigerian who intended to break the records for “idea-a-thon” and “puff-a-thon.”

The comment page was used by Guinness World Records to issue a warning: “Please, enough with the record-a-thons.”

Upon reading this response from Guinness World Records, concerned Nigerians promptly flocked to the comment section to voice their opinions.



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