Universität Hamburg, Germany,Merit Scholarships for Foreign Students at Universität Hamburg, Germany, 2023

International students are encouraged to apply for merit scholarships at the University of Hamburg in Germany. Non-German citizens of all nationalities are welcome to apply for the Hamburg merit scholarships.

Universidad Hamburg’s merit scholarship program assists excellent foreign students and doctoral researchers in all topics and degree levels who are socially committed and actively involved in an international setting.

The awarding of a merit scholarship allows recipients to focus totally on their academics and allows them to enhance their skills.

Sponsor(s) of the scholarship: University of Hamburg, Germany

Merit Awards are the most common type of scholarship.

University of Hamburg, Germany is the host institution.

Advantages of a Scholarship (below)

The number of awards is unknown.

All degree levels of study

All nationalities are welcome.

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Requirements for Eligibility | Universität Hamburg, Germany Scholarships for Academic Excellence

If you qualify, you are eligible for funding.

have been enrolled in your subject at Universität Hamburg for at least two semesters and are seeking a degree (students in two-year master’s degree programs and doctoral researchers can apply after one semester); do not have German citizenship; are ineligible for federal student loans.

Scholarship Advantages
The monthly funding limit is €850. Individual doctorate researchers may be awarded a merit scholarship totaling €1,000 per month, depending on funding availability (roughly 2–3 merit scholarships are awarded per round).
Merit scholarships are given for two semesters.

(12 months in total). You are eligible to reapply for a scholarship. The maximum funding length in well-founded extraordinary instances is three years.
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Methods for Making Applications
How to Use: The first step in applying for the Hamburg Merits scholarships is to enroll in a university degree program. Then, using your STiNE ID, apply for scholarships based on deadlines by following the link for your chosen application period:
Form of application (deadline: 15 April)
Form of application (deadline: 15 October)
After that, you will be requested to register and complete your application.

Documents Required for the Application: The following documents must be uploaded to the online application portal:
Please utilize the CV letter of motivation.

this kind (PDF)
evidence of social and/or intercultural involvement (if aplicable)
Achievement record: STiNE printout or list of course certificates. Master’s and doctorate students must submit their final certificates.
2 academics or younger professors at Universität Hamburg have given their feedback. Other teaching staff at Universität Hamburg can also prepare evaluations in warranted instances.
Deadlines for applications are April 15 and October 15.

Further information can be found on the official website.

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