Mada youngsters slam the inaccuracy and falsehood of the link between Ombugadu and the proscribed Ombatse. Vice President Sule

Accusations that David Ombugadu had ties to the terrorist organization Ombatse have been mostly disregarded by Mada youths in Nasarawa State.

A statement issued in Lafia, by Comrade Musa Aruwa, leader of the Concerned Mada Youths, stated that the unfounded allegations have dangerous implications and potential to incite ethnic tensions, saying that linking Ombugadu with the Ombatse group is not only unjust but could further destabilize an already fragile security situation in the country.

Since previous attempts to weaken the people’s resolve and love for Ombugadu through other means have failed, Aruwa claims that Governor Sule’s supporters are now resorting to cheap misinformation only to provoke ethnic animosity in the state.

After the Governorship Election Petition Tribunal removed A.A. Sule from office, his supporters tried everything they could think of to keep him in office, including throwing poison darts at Ombugadu, but to no avail. Now, they’re trying to stir up ethnic strife in Nasarawa State by bringing up an event that happened a decade ago.

Despite Governor Sule’s stunning decision to appeal the Tribunal’s sentence at the Appeal Court, his agents have gone into overdrive by beginning a smear campaign against Ombugadu, attempting to link him to the Ombatse group.

“The accusations were not only unfounded but also extremely dangerous, as such claims have the potential to stoke ethnic tensions and incite violence in a country already grappling with insecurity,” said Aruwa.

The Mada Youth leader went on to explain that all of Nasarawa’s ethnic groups came together to help elect Ombugadu, highlighting the importance of unity among the state’s many different cultures. He advocated for an accusation-free political environment.

Aruwa has blasted the APC for trying to smear Ombugadu’s reputation with events from a decade ago, calling it a “desperate strategy” for gaining political advantage. He added that politicizing ethnic tensions might have disastrous results.

They have tried and failed to cast aspersions against his person, so they are now resorting to hurling toxic darts without regard for the potential consequences to national security.

As the statement goes, “We know that the motives behind linking Ombudagu with the Ombatse group is a desperate attempt to gain political advantage and undermine the democratic process by sowing the seeds of mistrust in the minds of the peace-loving people of the State.”

An unfair and baseless campaign of smears has been exposed. This episode highlights the perils of tampering with ethnicity in politics and the necessity of keeping the democratic process honest.

Aruwa has called on the state’s governing party to uphold democratic ideals, urging them to reject smear campaigns and instead prioritize progress and unity for the good of Nasarawa State.

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